Can Help YOU Prevent Drownings


Our ãNO SWIMMING Symbol Signs, Overlays and Hazard Plaques are used by:


* Park & Recreation Depts.       *  Forest Preserve Districts

* Military Bases                           *  Campgrounds

* Public Works Depts.                 *  Neighborhood Assoc.

* Utility Companies                     *  Irrigation Districts


to give greater protection against accidental drowning at:

Ø Boat docks, ramps and piers

Ø Closed swimming pools

Ø Ponds, rivers and lakes

Ø Quarries

Ø Unguarded water adjacent to public beaches

Ø Irrigation canals and levees

Ø Picnic and camping areas

Ø Polluted waters


Our Customers Tell Us…

“They Work!”   “Very Effective”

“They have been a GREAT help”

“They hold up color wise very well, highly visible”

“People obey the signs, no violations.”

“They communicate effectively and are relatively cost effective to maintain.”

“They meet our needs!”

“Very effective, leave no room for misinformation and reasonable priced.”

“Quality, design, safety.”