Can Help YOU Prevent Drownings


Our γNO SWIMMING Symbol Signs,

Overlays and Hazard Plaques’ Specifications


Two Sign faces from which to choose.


Vinyl Lettering Reflective Finish
With added word

Both Signs have the following features

* .080 Aluminum

* White on Red Background

* 24” x 24” x16” Dimensions

* 1 ½” Radius Corners

* 3/8” Holes on Standard Centers

* Ό” Holes for Overlays


OVERLAYS easily bolt over the word SWIMMING, enabling the Signs to be used to warn against any of the following activities.


          * O-V  Vinyl Lettering 13” x 2/3”

          * O-RF  Reflective Finish 13” x 3”

          * All Overlays are .040 Aluminum

             & they have Ό” holes for easy attachment

             over our γNO SWIMMING Symbol Signs.


HAZARD PLAQUES with legends of your choice easily bolt below your γNO SWIMMING Symbol Signs.  This meets the need in many areas for increased verbiage on warning signs.

*       HP-V  Vinyl Lettering

*       HP-RF Reflective Finish

*       Both Hazard Plaques are .080 Aluminum, 18” x 9” & have 3/8” holes for easy attachment under the γNO SWIMMING Symbol Signs